Why Our SMARTTM Pages Work

it’s all about conversion

The conversion rate is the percentage of page visitors who fill out and submit a form. The rate measures how successful the form is. A higher conversion rate means more recruitment leads or sales leads.

Communication is key

Verbiage affects conversion rate, in the content and in the form. Even the wording on the form submission button can affect the conversion rate by over 10%! We work to make sure every aspect of our SMART pages lends to helping the user get in and convert.

Quantity with quality

With our SMART pages you can control and filter who makes it through the form. We know there are important criteria your leads need to meet, so our forms can filter out the leads that don’t meet your needs, so you don’t have to.

Less is more

The shorter a form is, the better it’s conversion rate. Reducing a form by one field, can increase conversion by over 30%. With our SMART pages, we work with you to help condense your form to get as many quality leads as possible.

SMARTTM Pages have a 233% better conversion rate*

how we increase conversion

Improve usability, eliminate friction, increase trust

The easier it is for the visitor to share information, the better the converison rate. Creating usable forms and reducing resistance and mistrust is essential to a landing page.

Shorter Forms

Reducing form fields helps, big time: 3-5 field forms have a 10-15% better rate than 6+ field forms.1

Clear wording

Changing one word on a submission button to make it more specific can boost the rate by 2.5x.2

Above the fold

Forms should be visible high on the page so visitors don’t need to look for it.3

Vertical layout

One column forms with left-aligned text are the most readable.4 The greater the readability, the higher conversion rate.

Right side forms

Forms on the right have a 5-10% better conversion rate.5 The right side is positive and indicates progression.

Mobile & responsive pages

Branding forms – giving them custom styling that matches the page – maximuses converstion rates. Branding creates familiarity and trust.2

Branded forms

42% of Formstack users reported they maximized their rate with branded and customized forms. Branding creates familiarity.2

Respect privacy

Linking or indicating a privacy policy assures visitors their information is safe with you.3 More trustworthy pages ensure more conversion.

Constant, regular access

Repeating access points to the form below the fold increase conversion rates.3 The visitor experiences less friction returning to the form after learning more information.

Better landing pages: more leads

SMARTTM Pages are the best landing pages

The easier it is for the visitor to share information, the better the converison rate. Creating usable forms, and reducing resistance and mistrust is essential to a landing page.

*Based on the average contact form conversion rate of 3% (formstack.com/2014/conversion-report)
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